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Pang Kiat Hua
Born on the 26/08/1989.
Current Status: Attached.
Horoscope: Virgo
Currently : NSF Army ( Chong Pang Camp )

YO FREAKS! Welcome you to my world fill full with her around. I'm a person easy going person. If you know me well, you will know that i'm damn crazy type of person full of jokes that are funny as well as lame. I'm a friendly person easy to get new friends. You won't like to see me when i'm piss off cause it will kill. =)
Most of the time in camp i spend it by talking to her, playing games, sleeping, eating and talk with camp mates. Doing disturbing thing to others. Best way of killing boredness during camp time is to listen music!!
And i most of the time will be spending with HER or in camp with my camp mates. Always had been thinking what to do AFTER ARMY. Lastly I love her alot and she had been showing alot of love, care, endure me and everything and its alot for her. Thanks dear!! =)

Email Me if you've any inquiries :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The other day, im so late for something. And made me damn sick and very very worry about with what might happened... Other given me advantage and i took it for granted...
Haiish lucky in the end of the day nothing happened to me and i got to meet dear.

Thing and people around really do change alot and they never know it. Maybe i did change too much and too big that i even notice. Whats ahead for me? Is the end of everything that has happen all the long? You never knows...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Just now on the way home i saw this 2 SMRT staff as a couple so cute. Through out the trip they are so cute both of them act towards each other so funny and cute... See them push each other while sitting down and other act towards each other really fun. When see them like saw dd and me when we go out together that type of patten and behavior. Ummm although yesterday dd come find me, i still miss her alot cause the time we spent together was always unforgettable and not euff... haha i love you dear muack =)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

WTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gonna fall sick again haiish rite now feel like shit man... woke up damn late today... About 3pm then i woke up... so freaking tired and hungry the moment i open my eyes haha... And next is Dear called my house... So chatted with her guess what? I'm still in a sleepy mood and she start scolding me with a cute manager... What Sleepy Head or something like that... cant really remember now but was damn funny... haha

So today didn't do anything other then use MSN and blog cum playing blackshot awhile... Dunnoe why this days i just felt so lazy for so many thing that i want to do... Even going out with friends or what i also no mood for it. Maybe cause i had been short of cash for fucking long time and lock myself home too long and this is the cause for no mood for everything outside of my house. Even till now I'm still damn broke still no money to spend. Perhaps buying this computer was a wrong decision ba... Should had wait for next time then buy. But i just wanted a computer myself badly so no choices.

Just now chatted with dear at MSN again. WTH she keep sending me some funny sound clip OMG i tell you. I can't stand it zzzz my mom was beside when she keep sending it... =.="
Dear just want me to be as good as dead...

Guess if tomorrow still feeling sick and the throat damn pain i shall go see doctor again... BUT hope no fever as I am having right now... If have jiu sian cause later want me stay again for dip all this... SHIT MAN!!!! Just hope i will get well soon cause every month now i like sick once or twice...

Chaos guys n ladies =) haha ummm if you all still reading my blog i hope... haha just hope you all will ask me out more often rather then like now... feel so friendless left my dear with me and camp mates... haha

Good luck to all and dear wish your O lvl this yr will do good and go for the course you want to study.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Its has been a long time since i ever last update my blog.... and its so dead.
And today it happen that my dear dear come to my house and take care me as i am sick.... So she also help me to change my blog skin. Here it is =)

NICE right???? lol then got this black handsome hip hop old school guy with the song Cookie Jar. haha So sian lo... the doctor yesterday kinda suspect I am down with H1N1 as i got the systom of cough, sore throat, runny nose and about to start fever. As its 36.6 deg liao. After awhile they keep asking and comfirm with me and make sure I didn't went oversea the past 7days and didn't contact with anyone with H1N1. Only after that, they allow me in to the med ctr to see the doctor... Understanding their precaution that's why didn't really went piss off after waiting outside the med ctr so long before i could enter there to wait to see the doctors.

Now this epic has really cause the whole world go havoc as it really has spread to all the country and people start to die as the new case of people getting it, its getting more and more each and every single day.... Its so far that i myself believe its not as danger as SARS back then.

Ummm people listen up, brothers, friends, family and ALL please drink more water and be more responsible if you are sick wear a mask such that the virus wont come out from your mouth. And EAT more fruits to stay healthy. =)

CYA peeps =) take care

Friday, April 03, 2009

haiiz... so long nv update my blog again =(

Dunnoe y sometime i realli jus dun get wat my dear is thinking abt cos i realli hope she cn understand and noe tt in the army nt u anyhw whack 1 lie or wat jiu cn easily go off tings... and i realli very happy wif it is tt she realli cn understand tt im in the army n nt tt free to meet her always but i let her down once again by so call " plane " her? haiish i dun intend tt at all la...

It was realli a last mintues de tings lai de.... ending up i cnt meet her for the movie n she even bought the ticket liao tot tt i would come so ltr when dinner i cn buy for her family n her but end up nv did... i dun realli mean nt to turn up at all but i realli was hold back n get hang by wat happen in the army.... He was realli right abt wat he said, its nt a simple job as it seem to b and its not like hw we think its... But it cn realli turn damn nasty n horror if it realli come true i guess even its mi i will be freak out too... So right nw its to work even harder den b4 but i dun think i could la mood alrdy gone cos im getting pull bak soon frm what i heard others say...

I realli dun mean to let dear alone at AMKhub to wait for mi de... Ltr she called mi alot time n i cnt pick the fone up cos was badly * kaya, butter, smash and bread * by him for wat happened... i admit i was partly to b blame for nt checking when noe wats wrong but... HEY i nw almost like 1 person run the whole fking office le... damn tired de la 1 man show wif few hundred of people daily still gt so much time to go care for all tis mah? But if realli wan say bak abt it... i oso at fault for noe wat happen yet nv sound off... but realli damn FK! cos wat i do always i sound off no ppl care... ZZZ until i realli burst off in the offices den gt ppl will listen de lo... Seem tt i cnt b strict euff on hw i tok to people ba... I nw realli feel damn guilty n bad for wat happened today tt my dear so sweet of her to buy ticket and wait mi end up i nv turn up and let her alone... And left her family ah gong, sis, maid and her nv get dinner when she is returning home... i tried asking her to come over to my places so that i could pass the atm card to her let her draw money for dinner n transport faster go home if nt late... BUT she instead nt to.... Ltr i told her y not ltr i fetch u bk frm tution i wait u.... She say dun ned or wat i cnt heard at all and she hang the fone... And i rmb heard her say if her mom is there to fetch her den too bad... But i realli did wanted to c her badly... After tt i tired called her a few time fail too when it manage to get to her, she at tution liao... i dun even noe wat is the best la... so end up i came home... And nw we argue badly on the fone... i realli feel damn sad and sick la... Cough badly few days n nw cough dao vomit, chest pain and headache And oso having running nose for days as well and Oso right nw having sore throat... Feel damn weak...

I AM SORRY DEAR! =( i mean wat i say and i realli do feel guilty abt it

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sry dear n everyone letting tis blog dying near to 2months i realli sometime hab the time yet nv go update it..

Recently we hab been arguing alot and i noe tt i let u down alot oso... always make u angry n at time realli dunnoe wat u wan n make u feel damn piss off after tt still make it worst until the stat tt u wanna braek up wif mi.... at time i realli feel like agree wif u but i realli bu xiang yao cos i still love u alot n dun wanna let u go... but love its abt making the person feel comfortable n happy... Force been tgt its no happyness in it...

Im sry on 14Feb or 13 Feb cnt meet u at all and celebrate Val. Day but i hope u did feel happy after i meet u the following week for the Val. Day celebrate n oso make the surprise bday cake for u... haha hope u did enjoy tt day and i still rmb ur reaction was once again OMG! i realli feel damn happy each time when i get to c u the expression was OMG! haha

On fri 6Feb i meet u n we went East Coast Park and play... 1st time i ride a double rider bicycle lols feel so happy tt day n i noe its ur 1st time on a bicycle... sry for making u angry at there cos of the stupid slipper but its realli nt mine tt is y i scare ltr my kor kill mi for nt asking n use it oso... Sry tt i hai dao ur shoes wet by the sea... Shld nt hab even 1st ask u to help mi take it go the sea wash off the sand... b4 tt we was enjoying catching the baby crabs den we try catch fish but nth in the end only get to c =(

After tt return the bicycle liao we jiu go walk the beach awhile b4 settle down there n chat n ask her to open her present for her bday de....she like it alot =) but wth lo she did someting i realli damn scare of a gal do infront of mi... which made mi almost dunnoe wat to do n react... felt realli usless haiish... after tt send her home den wait for her n send her to tution =) thx dear for accompany mi instead of i accompany u cos i feel tt its more like i need u den u need mi =x LOL!

Happy 8months too dear has been nt easy for all tis while cos we had been recently into alot of arguements n also at many many time cnt accompany u when u need mi badly the most... i realli thx u for understanding mi all tis while tt im in the army n alot of ting was been restricted frm... sry dear let u down so much but i realli wan to promise u nt to let u down so much... after my army i promise to treat u much better n more time wif u at the very same time to study... i still rmb the very 1st time we meet n hw i react lols... n hw was it like 8months ago wif u... n b4 the 8months we started to b tgt... i noe during tis 8months i change quite alot or abit... but i change is cos i hope to balance the army life tgt wif u as army is realli very time limited...

Dear i realli love u alot too n u r the best... jus nw after reading ur blog i realli feel damn touch n my tears realli did started to roll down... hope u will understand tt nw tt im in the army sometime i realli gt alot of restricted ting... Im realli touched too tt many of the time u understand mi n allow mi to go off... or wat... thx for all tis 8months n i realli believe tt we always will be able to b tgt until the very day death do us apart =) i love BEVERLY only DEAR u are the best!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

that day i took 1 day off... it was a wonderful day for mi and dear... cos we realli enjoy alot ourselves... i book out on the 7 jan night and after my book out i rush to meet dear dear at juntion 8 for dinner? haha...

7 jan was the day when i 1st came to noe her... and oso 7 jan happen to b our 6months oso... but we didnt celebreate on wed cos nt euff time but cn only had dinner tgt thats all... so the following day i woke up early and start slowly prepare to meet dear... and also i chat wif her on the fone awhile... haha after tt i left the house to collect the stuff and go find dear dear but 1st was i go wif my brother and take car frm my parents... he need to use and ltr he is going to my uncle workshop nearby do spraywork on his car... frm there i drive the car to find dear and kor drive the car go out liao...

So meet dear liao we jiu take cab go alexandra road where we get off and walk the park? haha frm alexandra there start and walk walk walk the bridge after sometime dear dear ask mi wan go down the bridge mah and walk the earth trail... so ok lo when we walk down saw 2 small kid so cute lols pri 4 abt to walk up the bridge and they saw us and dear wif her flower den one of them asking if we are married? LOL!!! den the other one reply say look at the flower jiu noe they marry liao... haha damn cute la the 2 small small boi =s

When we the earth trail den i saw sometings like a snake but i heck care den jus walk until my leg step bside the tree snake den tt snake suddenly move damn fast LOL! i tot is wat so i stop and c carefully den is a snake LOL! and dear dear scare dao almost start running and jumping around =s b4 that was a dunnoe wat lizard which is quite big like a hand size de... dear dear oso scare dao cos its jumping and moving very fast... after the snake slip pass my leg dear scare dao ask faster walk n go up the bridge safer haha...which i agree too cos grt monkey =_=" i scare c dao monkey cos they are quite rough to due if happen to c one X_X

After we reach the bridge end frm alexandra road we tot we reach mt Faber park liao den end up we are jus at abit more abt 15mins walk to Henderson Wave there nia after that we rest awhile at Henderson Waves there and carry on walk lo =/ walk walk walk jiu sian liao wan give up cause its still very far away... so after Henderson Waves we find ways to get off there lo when we get off den noe we only actually walk dao Telok Blangah Hill Park nia... So we took cab again lo frm there to vivo city. And we walked awhile and i bump into a frend... After tt we walk awhile more and had dinner wif dear dear...

We had dinner at Hong Kong Kim Gary restaurant eat.... ummm tot that i actually eat wnt full cos i was so damn hungry as my breakfast n lunch nv eat? lols but end up still ok eat liao slowly feel damn full... So after tt we walk vivo again b4 sending dear back home we went to buy dinner for her ah gong den send her home, after that i wait her awhile den we chat at her house there... Den at 8.45 den i leave her house there to go bak camp....

It was realli a very wonderful day lo and i realli cn feel n tell tt dear dear realli oso enjoy it alot and she had put in effort in watever she do for mi always... haha dear thx =) and happy 6months and oso 1 yr knowing each other haha... Dear Dear has always been the best around mi haha =) Love U~